Croft Challenges Hamilton Sabotage Allegations: ‘Show Me the Data’

An email circulating in the paddock suggested Lewis Hamilton was being sabotaged by Mercedes.

Toto Wolff responded to these claims, confirming that the police have been contacted over the email. David Croft, speaking on Sky Sports, mentioned that it wouldn’t make sense for the team to jeopardize their performance since they need points.

“I think for me, show me the data. And I’m not saying one side or other is right on this argument, but show me the data. If the team are disadvantaging one driver, the data will be there to prove that. So if somebody who proposes to be a member of the Mercedes team thinks that the data is there, show it,” Croft said. “At the moment, I don’t understand why Mercedes would want to disadvantage a driver, even if that driver is going at the end of the season to Ferrari.”

Why Would Mercedes Sabotage Hamilton?

Even though Hamilton will join Ferrari next season, Mercedes still needs him to perform well now. They are currently fourth in Constructors and 88 points behind McLaren. “While Lewis is still a Mercedes driver, he earns points in Constructors’ Championship which translates into prize money at season’s end,” Croft explained. “Every point and position counts towards next year’s funds.”

Fans might wonder why such rumors exist if there’s no benefit for Mercedes in sabotaging their own driver.

Hamilton also confirmed there’s no friction with George Russell: “There’s nothing going on between George and myself. We’re in a very good relationship. I’ve got a great relationship with the team as well.”

What do you think about these speculations?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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