Dethroning the Red Bulls: A Joyful Victory

Lewis Hamilton expressed happiness for Lando Norris‘s first Grand Prix win with McLaren, recalling his own first win with the team and praising Norris’s achievement and the progress of McLaren under CEO Zak Brown.


‣ Lewis Hamilton expressed happiness for Lando Norris’s first Grand Prix win, recalling his own first win with McLaren and praising the team’s progress under CEO Zak Brown.

‣ Hamilton highlighted his good relationship with Norris and shared his understanding of the significance of a first Grand Prix win, emphasizing the special nature of the achievement.

‣ Norris’s victory in Miami marked his first win after 110 Grand Prix starts and 15 podium finishes, propelling him to fourth place in the championship standings, 53 points behind leader Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton gets it. Truly. Flashback to a cloudy day in 2007, Canada, where he clinched his first-ever Grand Prix victory. Fast forward, and in Miami, Hamilton, battling his own Mercedes demons, watched Lando Norris cross that same line. First win. With McLaren, no less.

Hamilton couldn’t hide his joy. In the bustling Miami paddock, he spilled, “Firstly, my first win was with McLaren. Seeing them, and Zak [Brown] and the crew, excel? Thrills me.” He paused, a hint of nostalgia. “Been with them since I was 13. It’s like watching family triumph. And knocking the Bulls off their perch? Icing on the cake.”

### Hamilton and Norris maintain good relationship

Their bond? Solid. Hamilton, with a grin, shared, “Lando and I, we’re tight. I’ve been in his shoes – that first win glow. It’s unforgettable.” He leaned in, “I hope he’s soaking it all in. It’s monumental.”

For Norris, the journey was no Sunday drive. It took 110 Grands Prix and 15 podium finishes to get here. Now, sitting proudly in fourth in the championship standings, he’s 53 points shy of the leader, Max Verstappen.

“Mad, isn’t it?” Hamilton mused, shaking his head. “But that’s racing. Unpredictable. Exhilarating. Just how we like it.”

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