F2 & F3 Show Little Interest in New Team

Michael Andretti’s ambition to enter Formula 1 with Andretti Cadillac was rejected by Formula One Management, and despite his continued efforts to expand into Formula 2 and Formula 3, he faces a stringent selection process without preferential treatment, as outlined by the CEO of F2 and F3, Bruno Michel.


– ‣ Michael Andretti’s ambition to enter Formula 1 with Andretti Cadillac was rejected by Formula One Management, but he is also exploring opportunities in Formula 2 and Formula 3.
– ‣ Bruno Michel, CEO of Formula 2 and Formula 3, stated that Andretti must undergo the same selection process as any other team to join these series, with no preferential treatment despite the Andretti name.
– ‣ Formula 2 and Formula 3 are not planning to expand the number of teams or cars, suggesting that Andretti’s entry could involve partnering with or taking over an existing team.
– ‣ Concerns were raised about the limited progression opportunities from Formula 2 to Formula 1, questioning the value of adding more teams or drivers to the feeder series without clear paths to F1.

Michael Andretti hit a speed bump early this year. Formula One Management broke it to him gently: Andretti Cadillac’s F1 dreams? Not happening. Yet, Michael’s not the type to just kick back and sulk. Nope. He’s doubling down, eyeing spots in both Formula 2 and Formula 3. Bruno Michel, the big boss of these feeder series, dropped some truth bombs on Thursday. Getting in? Far from a cakewalk.

Michel, chatting with GPBlog, let slip that Andretti’s been radio silent with them. “Hoping for a call soon,” he mused, having caught wind of Andretti’s ambitions through the grapevine. But don’t expect any VIP treatment. “They’ve gotta queue up like everyone else,” he stated, clear as day.

Here’s the kicker: F2 and F3 have this selection dance every three years. F2’s just had theirs, so Andretti’s looking at a bit of a wait. F3’s up next, but Michel’s playing it coy. “It’s all up in the air,” he said, hinting at Andretti’s F1 flirtations muddying the waters.

F2 and F3: No Room at the Inn

Thinking of sneaking into F2 or F3 by buying out a team? Michel’s thoughts? “Good luck.” F3’s maxed out at 30 cars. “Perfect as is,” he believes. And F2? They’ve toyed with their numbers but seem settled for now. “Finding 22 capable drivers is tough enough,” he admits.

The F1 Dream: A Tough Climb

Michel’s scratching his head, though. Why the rush for F2 spots when F1’s door is barely ajar? “Not many make it to F1,” he points out, hinting at a bottleneck. Andretti’s best shot? Partner up with an existing team or throw their hat in the ring when the time comes. But don’t expect any shortcuts.

Fairness is the name of the game, according to Michel. F2 and F3 have their loyalists, teams that have stuck around through thick and thin. “Andretti’s a big name, sure,” he concedes. “But rules are rules.” No American team in F2 yet, so Andretti’s interest is intriguing. Still, they’ve got to play by the book, just like everyone else.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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