Fans Demand Sainz & Gasly Duo at Alpine: ‘Team Orders Drama Desired’

Pierre Gasly has signed a new contract with Alpine, confirming he will race for them in 2025. Some people online are skeptical about a potential Gasly-Sainz partnership at Alpine.

Fans React to Potential Gasly-Sainz Duo

One user joked, “need that gasly sainz line up for the whine and team order off every race,” sharing their thoughts on the possible drama:

Another tweet read, “sainz vs gasly beef will be generational,” hinting at future rivalries:

If Sainz joins Alpine, some think he’ll want to be the leader. But Gasly won’t back down easily. This could spark a Franco-Spanish rivalry once again.

“This is my house, son,” someone imagined Gasly saying if Sainz joined him at Alpine: #F1

Fans might find it amusing to see Gasly and Sainz fight for dominance under Briatore’s leadership. It could be quite entertaining!

“gasly and sainz line up abt to be insane oh my god????” one excited fan tweeted:

Others are simply shocked by the idea of Sainz moving to Alpine: “Sainz at alpine?” questioned another user:

“No way a sainz-gasly partnership,” wrote someone else, expressing disbelief:

What do you think about this potential duo? Would they make a good team or just clash all the time?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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