Ferrari Cancels Grand Car Presentation to Avoid Unwanted Attention

Ferrari has decided to unveil their new Formula 1 car, code-named 676, online on 13 February, excluding the media from the physical presentation, a move that follows the trend set by teams like Mercedes; AlphaTauri and McLaren have yet to announce their car launch dates.


‣ Ferrari has decided not to invite media to the presentation of their new Formula 1 car, instead opting for an online unveiling.
‣ This decision is a departure from tradition, as Italian media and fans are usually physically present at the car’s presentation.
‣ The trend of online presentations is becoming more common, with teams like Mercedes already adopting this approach.
‣ Two teams, AlphaTauri and McLaren, have yet to announce the dates for the presentation of their new cars.

Ferrari’s had a change of heart. The Italian press? They’re not invited to the grand unveiling of the new Formula 1 car. It’s got a code name for now – 676.

Who can watch? Only those online. The date? 13th February. The stars? Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

The Italians, they’re in for a shock. They’re used to being there, in the flesh, at the presentation. Last year, they even saw the car’s shakedown. But that, it seems, was too much. Too much expectation. So, this year, Ferrari’s keeping it low-key. That’s what’s Italian branch is saying, anyway.

Two Teams, No Dates

Online presentations, they’re becoming the norm. Mercedes has been doing it for a while. Now, Ferrari’s on board.

Valentine’s Day – that’s when the Italians usually show off their cars. But not this year. They’re doing it a day early in 2024.

Two teams, though, they’re keeping mum. AlphaTauri (soon to be renamed) and McLaren. No word on when they’ll reveal their new cars. The Brits, though, they’ve already shown off their livery.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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