Ferrari Unveils First Upgrades at Imola, Verstappen Gets New Parts

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are set to introduce significant updates at the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, marking the start of the European season, while McLaren’s successful updates in Miami, particularly on Lando Norris‘ car, highlight the strategic timing of team upgrades around sprint race weekends.


‣ Sprint races present challenges for F1 teams to introduce car updates due to limited practice time, leading many to save their updates for the European season starting with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

‣ Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are expected to introduce significant updates at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, with Ferrari bringing its first update of 2024 and Red Bull introducing new parts to maintain competitiveness.

‣ McLaren took a different approach by introducing ten updates in Miami, primarily on Lando Norris’ car, which resulted in Norris winning his first Formula 1 race; Oscar Piastri is expected to receive the full update package in Imola.

‣ Red Bull Racing, the constructors’ leader, plans to bring performance updates to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, following a large aerodynamic package introduced earlier in Japan, indicating a continuous effort to enhance their cars’ performance.

Ah, the thrill of Formula 1 races, with China and Miami already in the rearview mirror. We’ve witnessed two electrifying sprint races. Now, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is peeking around the corner, signaling the start of the European season. And oh boy, are we in for some treats! Updates are on the horizon, folks.

Ferrari’s gearing up to roll out its first big update of 2024. Not to be outdone, Red Bull Racing’s also throwing new parts into the mix. And then there’s Oscar Piastri’s ride. Zak Brown dubbed it ‘McLaren Light,’ which sounds intriguing, to say the least.

Sprint race weekends? They’re a bit of a mixed bag for teams looking to debut updates. With just one 60-minute free practice session, time is tighter than the lid on a pickle jar. By late Friday afternoon, it’s go-time for sprint qualifying. So, most teams play it cool, holding back their updates for Imola.

But McLaren? They threw caution to the wind in Miami, unleashing ten updates. Lando Norris was the lucky recipient, and boy did it pay dividends. The 24-year-old Brit snagged his first-ever Formula 1 victory. Talk about a fairy tale! In Imola, it’s Piastri’s turn to get the full monty, as confirmed by team principal Andrea Stella.

### Upgrades for Ferrari and Red Bull

Ferrari’s been playing it coy with their upgrades this season. But with the home crowd cheering them on, they’re hoping to leap forward. And let’s not forget, the competition isn’t exactly snoozing. McLaren’s already made waves with their updates in Miami. Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing, the constructors’ leader, is bringing performance updates to last year’s Grand Prix, which, remember, got washed out due to flooding.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez already got a hefty aerodynamic package in Japan. And now, whispers from Auto, Motor und Sport suggest another upgrade is in the pipeline. The plot thickens, doesn’t it?

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