Formula 1-Inspired Racing Class Launches Netflix Series

NASCAR is launching its own Netflix series, NASCAR: Full Speed, featuring behind-the-scenes footage focusing on nine drivers during the 2023 playoffs, aiming to attract new fans in a similar fashion to Formula 1’s successful Drive to Survive series.


‣ Formula 1’s Netflix series, Drive to Survive, has significantly boosted the sport’s popularity by providing behind-the-scenes footage and focusing on different teams each episode.

‣ NASCAR is launching its own Netflix series, NASCAR: Full Speed, aiming to replicate Drive to Survive’s success and attract new fans. The series will feature five 45-minute episodes focusing on nine drivers during the 2023 playoffs.

‣ NASCAR: Full Speed will be available for streaming on Netflix starting January 30, offering an in-depth look at the sport and its participants.

Oh, the roar of engines! Formula 1’s been basking in the Netflix glow with “Drive to Survive” for a hot minute. And guess what? NASCAR’s jumping on the bandwagon with their own Netflix spectacle, “NASCAR: Full Speed.” You’ve gotta see this trailer, seriously.

“Drive to Survive”? It’s that series that takes you behind the curtain of Formula 1 weekends. Each episode, a new team steps into the spotlight. It’s been a hit, pulling in loads of new fans for the sport. Who knew?

### NASCAR: Full Speed
NASCAR’s got big dreams, aiming to mirror that success. It’s huge in the States, but they’re craving more. A Netflix series could be the golden ticket, just like “Drive to Survive” was. Picture this: five episodes, 45 minutes each, diving into the lives of nine drivers. We’re talking Ryan Blaney, Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, and the gang. It’s all about the 2023 playoffs. Mark your calendars for January 30th; that’s when the magic hits Netflix.

### Watch the trailer here
Want a taste? “Full throttle. Full send. Full Speed.” That’s the vibe. “NASCAR: Full Speed” is revving up for a January 30th release on Netflix. Check out the teaser on Twitter. It’s gonna be wild.

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