Formula 1 Secures Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka for Future Years

Formula 1 has extended its contract with Suzuka Circuit until at least 2029, dismissing rumors of a move to Osaka and ensuring the venue remains a key location for the sport, with both F1 and Honda Mobilityland Corporation expressing commitment to sustainability and enhancing fan experiences.


‣ Formula 1 has extended its contract with Suzuka Circuit, ensuring it remains a venue for the Japanese Grand Prix until at least 2029, despite rumors of Osaka hosting the event.

‣ Stefano Domenicali, president and CEO of Formula 1, expressed satisfaction with the extension, highlighting Suzuka’s special place in the sport and the aim for greater calendar rationalization and sustainability.

‣ Tsuyoshi Saito, CEO of Honda Mobilityland Corporation, expressed gratitude for the continuation of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka and emphasized the circuit’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to welcome fans for the 2024 Grand Prix in April, marking the first time the event will be held in the spring season.

‣ The extension of the Suzuka contract reflects a mutual effort to maintain the circuit’s legacy, contribute to the prosperity of motorsport culture, and support local communities and government agencies in promoting industrial development.

Oh, the buzz was real. People whispered about Osaka, dreaming it might snag the Japanese Grand Prix. But, hold that thought. It’s not happening anytime soon. Why? Because Suzuka just played a trump card on Friday. They’ve clinched a deal with Formula 1, locking in their spot on the F1 calendar till, get this, 2029. Drivers love this track, by the way. It’s like their home away from home.

Now, the old contract? It was on its last legs, set to expire right after the upcoming Grand Prix in April. But Stefano Domenicali, the big boss at Formula 1, couldn’t hide his joy. Suzuka’s not just any circuit, it’s “special,” he says. A piece of F1’s heart, stitched into the sport’s very fabric. So, yeah, he’s over the moon that they’re sticking around till at least 2029.

Domenicali’s also looking ahead, eyeing an earlier Japan return this season. He’s all “thank yous” to the Honda MobilityLand crew for helping F1 shuffle its calendar. It’s all about making the sport greener, more sustainable. And the fans? They’re in for a treat. Japan’s F1 enthusiasts are a passionate bunch, and Domenicali’s pumped to amp up their experience in the coming years.

### Suzuka aims to contribute to motorsport success

Now, over to Tsuyoshi Saito, the head honcho at Honda Mobilityland Corporation. He’s just as thrilled. Suzuka and Formula 1, still a match made in heaven from 2025 and beyond. He’s tipping his hat to Domenicali and the F1 team, grateful for the continued partnership. They’re all in, aiming for a greener future and prepping to welcome hordes of fans for the 2024 Grand Prix in April. And guess what? It’s a springtime affair for the first time ever.

But there’s more. Saito’s not just about the races. He’s eyeing the bigger picture—working hand in hand with local communities, Mie Prefecture, Suzuka City. It’s all about love—for the fans, for motorsports, and for driving forward both cultural and industrial growth. Suzuka’s not just a circuit; it’s a beacon for the motorsport world.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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