Gardening Leave Duration Shorter Than Expected

Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing, stepping down immediately as the car designer but will continue to work on the RB17 Hypercar and attend some Grands Prix in 2024, with his gardening leave allowing him to join another F1 team after the first quarter of 2025, amidst speculation about his future involvement in F1 and potential interest from teams like Ferrari.


‣ Adrian Newey is resigning from his position as a designer at Red Bull Racing with immediate effect, but will complete his work on the RB17 Hypercar and attend several Grands Prix in 2024.

‣ Newey’s gardening leave, previously thought to extend until 2027, will actually end after the first quarter of 2025, allowing him to potentially join another F1 team much sooner.

‣ Red Bull Racing is not overly concerned about Newey’s departure, attributing recent car designs more to Pierre Waché and Enrico Balbo, and believes the team can continue to succeed without him.

‣ While Newey has left the door open for a new challenge in F1, with Ferrari being a top contender for his services, his future involvement in Formula 1 remains uncertain as he contemplates whether to seek a new challenge within the sport or pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Adrian Newey’s waving goodbye to Red Bull Racing. Yep, you heard it right. The genius behind those sleek, speedy cars is stepping down. But, hold your horses; he’s not vanishing into thin air. We’ll still catch glimpses of him at the tracks, maybe even sooner than we thought, in a rival team’s colors.

So, why’s Newey getting this early out? Red Bull spilled the beans to GPblog. They’ve laid out the whole “gardening leave” scenario for us. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? But there’s more to it than just tending to roses.

It’s been buzzing for a bit, and now it’s official. Newey’s hanging up his Red Bull Racing hat. The press release dropped the bombshell – he’s done designing those beasts, effective immediately. Yet, he’s not ghosting us completely. He’ll grace some Grands Prix with his presence, sticking around till the early months of 2025.

Red Bull confirmed to GPblog, Newey’s stepping back, pronto. The 2025 RB21 and the 2026 car? They won’t bear his signature. Those wheels will roll out under the new tech rules without a drop of his genius.

But Newey’s not out of the Red Bull game just yet. He’s got his hands full with the RB17 Hypercar. That’s his baby, and he’s seeing it through to the end. Plus, he’s hitting up several 2024 Grands Prix, hyping up the Hypercar. His exact role during those weekends? That’s still a bit of a mystery.

Now, about that gardening leave. Rumors had it Newey couldn’t jump ship to another F1 team till 2027. Turns out, that’s not the case. His stint with the RB17? That’s his gardening leave. Post-March 2025, he’s free as a bird.

But does Newey have his sights set on another team? The press release left us guessing. He’s open to new adventures, but there’s no chatter about him cozying up with other teams just yet.

Why’s Red Bull so chill about letting Newey go? Well, they’ve got Pierre Waché and Enrico Balbo steering the ship now. The RB20? That’s their masterpiece. Red Bull’s pretty confident they’ve got the talent to keep the momentum going without Newey.

Turns out, Newey’s been kinda on the sidelines, juggling his time between the Hypercar and F1. With only 150 days at Red Bull Racing, his departure isn’t causing any drama. No hard feelings, just a new chapter.

But let’s not forget, the F1 paddock’s buzzing. Teams are lining up for Newey’s magic touch. Ferrari’s leading the pack, eyeing him for their 2026 car. Aston Martin, Mercedes, McLaren? They’re all in the mix but might not get their wish.

The ball’s in Newey’s court. Staying in F1? That’s up to him. He’s hinted at craving a new challenge. And if there’s one thing that might tempt him, it’s clinching a win with Ferrari. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

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