Gasly Acknowledges Intense Pressure Facing Perez at Red Bull

Sergio Perez is feeling a lot of pressure at Red Bull Racing.

His contract was recently extended, but his performance has been disappointing since then. Pierre Gasly gets it; he knows how tough it can be at Red Bull.

Gasly’s Shared Experience

Perez started the season well but has now fallen behind Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and Oscar Piastri in the standings. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are also catching up. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen leads with a big gap. Gasly notices there’s no spark left between Perez and Red Bull. “When you feel good in a car, even after a bad weekend, you bounce back strong,” Gasly said. “But something’s clearly off right now.”

In 2019, Gasly was Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull but got sent back to Toro Rosso after six months. He admits that being at the top team is super stressful. “My situation was a bit different from Perez’s,” Gasly explained. “But it’s obvious he’s under massive pressure because he doesn’t feel comfortable in the car.”

Fans might think this news is quite concerning for Perez.

Gasly added that when you’re confident in your car, one bad weekend doesn’t matter much because you come back stronger the next time without overthinking it.

What do you think about Perez’s situation?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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