German Police Arrest Michael Schumacher Family Extortionists

The ski accident that left Michael Schumacher seriously injured was already heartbreaking.

Now, the family faces another ordeal with extortionists causing them distress. Recently, two men from Wuppertal were arrested for trying to blackmail the Schumachers for millions. Wolf-Tilman Baumert, a spokesperson for the prosecution, said, “We are investigating a blackmail case against a celebrity and have issued arrest warrants in this case. We cannot give more information at this time.”

A previous extortionist was pretty stupid

Back in 2016, the Schumacher family faced another extortion attempt. A 25-year-old man sent an email to Corinna Schumacher threatening her children and demanding money. He wasn’t very clever about it though; he included his own bank account number in the email! The judge remarked on his foolishness: “To put it gently, putting your own account number there is not very smart.” Unsurprisingly, he was caught quickly and sentenced to over a year in prison.

Fans might think it’s shocking how people can be so cruel.

Imagine dealing with all this while trying to recover from such a serious injury!

What do you think about these situations?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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