Hamilton addresses fan allegations of Mercedes sabotage

Lewis Hamilton has denied rumors of Mercedes sabotage.

He also urged fans to stop being negative towards George Russell, his teammate.

How Hamilton responded to fan claims

Hamilton’s qualifying performances haven’t been great this season, especially compared to Russell. In Canada, Russell even got his first pole position of the year. Despite Hamilton scoring 13 points in Canada, he called it one of his worst races ever because he lost a podium spot when Russell overtook him late in the race. Some fans on social media started saying there was “foul play” and even turned against Russell.

Hamilton quickly shut down these claims and asked for more positivity. “They know we have always been a strong team. We’ve always worked hard together. It’s easy to get emotional,” he said in Spain. He added that George is doing his best every weekend and doesn’t deserve the hate.

Fans might think it’s unfair how people are treating George right now.

Hamilton will leave Mercedes after the 2024 season for Ferrari but wants to end on a high note with Mercedes. He believes better communication can help improve performance as they finish their long-term relationship strong.

What do you think about all this?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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