Hamilton Disputes Stella’s 2021 Comparison, Norris Remains Skeptical

Andrea Stella thought Max Verstappen got off easy with a 10-second penalty after the Austrian Grand Prix.

He believed the punishment should have been tougher, similar to what he felt was needed in 2021 when Verstappen and Hamilton were fighting for the title. Hamilton and Norris shared their thoughts on this comparison.

Norris does not believe Hamilton

Hamilton disagreed with Stella’s comments at Silverstone. “I don’t agree with that,” he said firmly. Back in 2021, both drivers often pushed beyond limits during their battles.

Norris, however, wasn’t convinced by Hamilton’s response. “I’m sure Lewis would’ve agreed two or three years ago. 100%. There were definitely certain things up for debate at the time,” Norris remarked.

Fans might think this is just racing drama as usual.

Norris supported his team boss Andrea Stella’s perspective. “I’ll always back what Andrea says. He talks sensibly about these things,” Norris explained. He added that while he agrees with Stella overall, sometimes words can be misunderstood or need clarification because of how they’re pronounced or presented. But in general, Norris stands by Stella’s view.

What do you think? Should penalties be harsher?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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