Hamilton & Leclerc at Risk of Disqualification

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc may face disqualification from the United States Grand Prix due to their cars not passing inspection, specifically regarding the wear of the plank under the floor, which could result in Hamilton losing his second place and Leclerc losing his sixth place.


‣ Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc may face disqualification after the race
‣ The cars of Mercedes and Ferrari did not pass the inspection
‣ The reason for potential disqualification is the wear on the plank under the floor
‣ Disqualification would have major consequences for Hamilton and Leclerc, including losing their places and points

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc could potentially face disqualification following the inspection carried out after the race. The FIA is referring to Article 3.5.9(e) of the Technical Regulations, which states that the plank assembly measured under the floor must be 10mm ± 0.2mm and must be uniform when new. However, it seems that the plank under the cars of both drivers showed more wear than allowed in certain areas.

The reason behind this could be that the cars were tuned too low for the bumpy Circuit of the Americas, resulting in higher-than-expected wear on the plank. Teams had limited practice time to determine ride heights, which may have contributed to the issue. Both Mercedes and Ferrari will have the opportunity to present their cases to the FIA, after which the stewards will make a decision.

For Lewis Hamilton, a disqualification would have significant consequences. He would lose his second-place finish and the points he earned against Sergio Perez. As for Charles Leclerc, he would lose his sixth-place finish. Additionally, if both drivers are disqualified, Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant would move up into the points. For Sargeant, it would be his first point in Formula One.

It remains to be seen how the FIA and stewards will decide on this matter. The potential disqualification could have a major impact on the championship standings and the strategies of both Mercedes and Ferrari moving forward. As the situation unfolds, fans and experts will eagerly await the final verdict from the FIA.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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