Hamilton & Leclerc’s Ferrari Partnership Expected to Surpass Sainz’s Performance

Ferrari is set for an optimistic future in Formula 1 with the signing of seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, the potential acquisition of renowned designer Adrian Newey, and the promising dynamic between Hamilton and teammate Charles Leclerc, all aimed at securing a championship win for the team.


‣ Ferrari has made a significant move by signing seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, partnering him with Charles Leclerc in one of the most notable driver transfers in Formula 1 history.

‣ Adrian Newey, renowned for guiding Red Bull Racing to multiple drivers’ and constructors’ titles, has left the team and expressed past interest in working for Ferrari, potentially joining the team to work on their 2026 car.

‣ The dynamic between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc as teammates at Ferrari is highly anticipated, with expectations of a strong partnership given Hamilton’s current relaxed demeanor and the team-oriented culture at Ferrari.

Oh, the buzz around Ferrari is just electric right now. They’ve pulled off what many are calling a coup in the F1 world. Imagine this: Lewis Hamilton, with his seven World Championships, is heading to Maranello. That’s right. He’s teaming up with Charles Leclerc for the 2025 season. Talk about a dream team.

And then there’s Adrian Newey. The genius behind Red Bull’s dominance is stepping away. Where to? Well, he’s hinted at Ferrari before. Nothing’s confirmed, but the paddock’s abuzz with speculation.

Newey’s a legend, really. His designs have clinched seven drivers’ and six constructors’ titles for Red Bull. But now, he’s focusing on the RB17 Hypercar project. By 2025, he’ll cut ties with Red Bull completely. Ferrari’s surely eyeing him for their 2026 car. Hamilton and Leclerc with a Newey-designed car? Unstoppable, perhaps.

### ‘It’s all about Ferrari winning’

Now, onto the Hamilton-Leclerc partnership. It’s the combo everyone’s watching. Jenson Button, Hamilton’s old McLaren mate, thinks it’ll be smooth sailing. He told Sky Sport’s F1 Podcast that Hamilton’s mellowed out. Not the fiery competitor from eight years back. Button reckons they’ll gel just fine, no more drama than the current Ferrari duo.

Button nailed it: “In Ferrari, everybody works for Ferrari.” It’s a team-first mentality. For a superstar like Hamilton, it’s a shift. He’s racing for the team’s glory now. Button’s excited for this dynamic. Honestly, so am I. Next year can’t come soon enough.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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