Hamilton & Mercedes Ignite 5th Avenue in New York with High-Speed Display

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff celebrated Mercedes’ partnership with WhatsApp by showcasing a demo run on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where Hamilton performed doughnuts and drove the W12 Mercedes, including the ‘Emoji car’, in front of fans, with both expressing the event’s uniqueness and their excitement for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.


‣ Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff celebrated Mercedes’ new partnership with WhatsApp by participating in a ‘New York Demo Run’ where Hamilton drove a Mercedes F1 car down Fifth Avenue in New York City, performing doughnuts and thrilling fans.

‣ The event, highlighted by the drive of the W12 Mercedes and the ‘Emoji car’ with a WhatsApp sticker, took place in front of iconic locations such as the Empire State Building, showcasing the partnership and the excitement of Formula 1 to a New York audience.

‣ Hamilton described the experience as “epic” and a dream come true, emphasizing the unique opportunity to drive an F1 car on Fifth Avenue and the incredible response from the crowd.

‣ Toto Wolff expressed that the event surpassed all others he’s been part of, noting the significance of shutting down Fifth Avenue for the Mercedes car run as a spectacular moment, even by New York standards.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, they were there. Right in the heart of New York City, zooming down Fifth Avenue. Fans lined the streets, eyes wide, as Mercedes and WhatsApp threw a party on wheels to celebrate their shiny new partnership.

Oh, and it was nothing short of “epic.” Under the watchful gaze of the Empire State Building, in bustling Manhattan, Mercedes dropped some jaw-dropping footage on X. Yeah, that’s the new name for Twitter, in case you missed the memo. Hamilton was at the wheel of the W12 Mercedes, tearing up one of the ritziest shopping lanes on the globe. The Brit didn’t just cruise; he spun doughnuts, leaving the crowd in a frenzy. “That was epic,” Hamilton gushed, stepping out of the car. Dreaming big, he’d always wanted to race an F1 car down Fifth Avenue. The crowd’s energy? Awesome. “To do something like this, in such a historic city, is incredible,” he added.

Toto Wolff, not one to hold back, shared his two cents. He’s seen a fair share of events, but this? “This tops it all.” Fifth Avenue, closed off for a Mercedes spectacle, was a sight to behold, even for the city that never sleeps.

And then there was the W15, famously dubbed the ‘Emoji car’, thanks to a WhatsApp sticker slapped on its front. It, too, made its grand appearance on Fifth Avenue and even took a spin at the Empire State Building’s summit. Hamilton and Wolff are crossing their fingers, hoping their Mercedes star shines as bright in Miami as it did in New York. They’re all geared up for the Miami Grand Prix this weekend.

“Make some noise for NYC,” they cheered on X, tagging @WhatsApp and @EmpireStateBldg. The internet buzzed with excitement, fans retweeting and sharing the spectacle.

Driving the @WhatsApp Emoji car atop the @EmpireStateBldg? “We did it,” boasted the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team. The tweet, complete with a snapshot of the moment, went viral. As they prep for Miami, the buzz from New York’s streets still echoes, a testament to a partnership celebrated in true F1 style.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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