Hamilton Needed to Join Red Bull for Championship Ambitions

Lewis Hamilton‘s ambition to become an eighth-time Formula One champion motivates his move to Ferrari, a decision fraught with potential for success or failure, reminiscent of past drivers’ experiences, amidst speculation that Red Bull might have been a better option but possibly wasn’t available to him.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is motivated by his ambition to become an eighth-time Formula One world champion, which is a significant factor in his move to Ferrari, despite concerns about achieving this milestone with Mercedes.

‣ Martin Brundle highlights the potential for Hamilton’s move to Ferrari to either be a transformative success, akin to Michael Schumacher‘s impact, or a disappointment similar to the experiences of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel with the team.

‣ Despite Ferrari’s ability to win a Grand Prix in 2023, they are not consistently challenging Red Bull, leading to speculation about whether Hamilton should have considered Red Bull as a better option for winning more titles.

‣ The upcoming reset in 2026, with changes to the car and power unit, is seen as a pivotal moment. Hamilton’s decision to move to Ferrari might be influenced by strategic considerations for the future, similar to his successful move from McLaren to Mercedes-Benz.

Lewis Hamilton’s got this fire in his belly, right? He’s chasing after that elusive eighth Formula One world championship title. And, oh boy, he’s eyeing Ferrari for this grand quest. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Is he thinking Mercedes just won’t cut it for him anymore?

But here’s the million-dollar question: Can he pull it off with Ferrari?

Now, Martin Brundle, he’s got some thoughts. Speaking to Sky News, he laid it out pretty clear. It’s like, Hamilton could either hit it big, pulling a Michael Schumacher at Ferrari. You know, turning the tide, making them winners again. Or, well, it could go the other way. He might just end up like Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel. And, uh, those stories? Not exactly fairytales.

Remember Alonso and Vettel? Their time at Ferrari wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Sure, Alonso was this close in 2012 and 2013. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right? Hamilton’s gotta know, despite Ferrari snagging a win from Red Bull in 2023, they’re not consistently breathing down Red Bull’s neck. Not yet, anyway.

### Was Red Bull not an option for Hamilton?

So, Brundle’s got another angle. He’s like, “Why not Red Bull?” Seems like a no-brainer if Hamilton’s after more titles. But, maybe, just maybe, that door was closed. And hey, don’t forget about 2026. Big changes on the horizon with the car and power unit. Remember how we all were taken aback when Lewis left McLaren for Mercedes-Benz?

But then, Ross Brawn and the gang, they had a plan. They were like, “Lewis, buddy, we’ve got this.” They convinced him they were ahead of the curve for the 2014 reset. Is Hamilton betting on a repeat with this Ferrari move? Only time will tell, huh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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