Hamilton questions Mercedes decision on not doing something

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes should have pitted earlier and feels that the team needs to improve their strategy and pitstop speed after losing to Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing in the United States, despite significant improvements in the development of the car.


‣ Lewis Hamilton feels Mercedes needs to focus on the finer details after finding improvements in development.
‣ Hamilton believes Mercedes made the wrong decision with their off-set strategy in the United States Grand Prix.
‣ Hamilton emphasizes the need to improve areas such as pitstop speed and strategy for upcoming races.
‣ Hamilton points out that Red Bull Racing is ahead and not actively developing the car.

Lewis Hamilton came close to winning a Grand Prix in the United States, but Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing proved to be too strong. Hamilton believes that Mercedes needs to focus on the finer details after seeing significant improvements in development.

During the race, Verstappen was the first of the front-runners to pit. McLaren and Lando Norris reacted to cover off the undercut, but Mercedes decided to run an off-set strategy. Hamilton expressed doubt over their decision, stating, “I think we should’ve stopped before Lando. I was within the undercut position. I don’t know why we didn’t do that.”

Hamilton’s focus on strategy and pitstop speed indicates his assessment of the car’s performance. He acknowledges the need for improvement and expresses gratitude to the team back home. Hamilton mentions that they need to work on areas such as pitstop and strategy for the next races.

Hamilton also highlighted Red Bull’s performance, stating, “They’re still ahead, and they’re not developing. We’re bringing upgrades, and they’re just chilling.” This observation emphasizes the competitiveness between Mercedes and Red Bull and the importance of continuous development in Formula 1.

Overall, Hamilton’s comments reflect his determination to close the gap and succeed in future races. While acknowledging the progress made by Mercedes, he also recognizes the need to focus on the finer details to stay competitive.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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