Hamilton’s Financial Sacrifice for Ferrari: New Salary Details

Lewis Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes but activated a release clause six months later to join Ferrari from 2025, where he will earn a base salary of 40 million euros per season with potential bonuses, after leaving a $55 million annual salary at Mercedes.


‣ Lewis Hamilton signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes but activated a release clause to join Ferrari from 2025, aiming for another world title despite a modest financial sacrifice initially.

‣ At Mercedes, Hamilton’s salary was reported to be $55 million annually with a focus on a higher base salary and limited bonuses, whereas at Ferrari, he is set to earn a lower base salary of 40 million euros per season with the potential for significant earnings from performance bonuses.

‣ Hamilton’s contract with Ferrari includes an option for a third year, and with bonuses, he could earn up to 100 million euros over two years.

‣ Ferrari has also contracted Charles Leclerc, whose salary increases over time, indicating Ferrari’s significant investment in driver salaries, potentially the highest in the sport.

Ah, the whirlwind that is F1! Just last summer, Lewis Hamilton inked a shiny new deal with Mercedes. But, plot twist, he hit the eject button six months in. Why? To chase glory with Ferrari starting from 2025. Though, he’s gotta tighten the belt a bit, financially speaking.

Mercedes was shelling out a cool $55 million a year for Hamilton’s talents. The deal? A hefty base salary over bonuses. But here’s where it gets spicy. At Ferrari, the script flips. Hamilton’s going for a leaner base salary, betting big on performance bonuses to rake in the cash.

### This is Lewis Hamilton’s salary at Ferrari

Now, according to the grapevine (or Corriere della Serra, to be precise), Hamilton’s set to pocket 40 million euros a season at Ferrari. The contract? It’s a two-year gig with a cheeky option for a third. Add in those bonuses, and we’re talking potentially 100 million euros over two years. Not too shabby, eh?

Before Hamilton’s big move, Ferrari snagged Charles Leclerc. His paycheck’s on a steady climb, with a contract stretching till 2029. Seems like Ferrari’s not skimping on the driver budget. They’re all in, making it rain in the pursuit of F1 supremacy.

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