Hamilton’s Potential Milestones & Records with Ferrari Contract

Lewis Hamilton‘s multi-year deal with Ferrari not only ensures his presence in Formula 1 until at least 2026, potentially breaking several records including surpassing 400 Grands Prix, but also positions him to become the most successful British driver for Ferrari if he achieves significant wins and pole positions.


– ‣ Lewis Hamilton’s multi-year deal with Ferrari extends his Formula 1 career until at least the end of the 2026 season, offering him the opportunity to break several more records.
– ‣ Fernando Alonso is set to become the first driver to compete in 400 Grands Prix by the 2024 season, with Hamilton poised to reach this milestone in 2026, depending on their respective participation in future races.
– ‣ Hamilton’s move to Ferrari adds him to the list of British drivers who have raced for the iconic team, with the potential to become the most successful British driver in Ferrari’s history if he secures five or more race wins.

Lewis Hamilton’s signing with Ferrari? Yeah, that’s big news. It means we’ll be seeing this seven-time World Champion zooming around the F1 circuits until the 2026 season wraps up. That’s a solid three more years of adrenaline-pumping action, taking him right up to the cusp of his 42nd birthday. And let’s not forget, this opens a whole can of possibilities for him to smash even more records. But, and it’s a big but, a lot hinges on how long his rival, Fernando Alonso, decides to stick around in the racing world.

Now, onto something pretty epic. The 400 Grands Prix club. Fernando Alonso is on the brink of making history here, aiming to be the first driver to hit 400 Grands Prix by the 2024 season. That’s assuming he doesn’t sit out more than a couple of races and the calendar stays packed with 24 races. Hamilton, though trailing behind the Aston Martin maestro, is set to leapfrog Kimi Raikkonen for the second spot by the end of 2024. And with his stint at Ferrari extending for two more seasons, he’s eyeing that 400 milestone by 2026. But, whether he clinches the top spot depends on Alonso’s moves. If Alonso keeps his foot on the pedal into 2025, Hamilton’s got to push until 2027 to snag the record. And it’s not just about races; we’re talking Km and laps raced, too.

British drivers and Ferrari, now that’s a storyline with some twists. Despite both having storied histories in Formula 1, their paths crossing has been more of a rarity. The list of Brits who’ve tasted victory with Ferrari isn’t long – John Surtees, Mike Hawthorn, Nigel Mansell, Tony Brooks, Peter Collins, and Eddie Irvine. Irvine was the last to do it back in ’99. So, if Hamilton manages to find his groove with Ferrari, he’ll be breaking a more than 25-year drought for British drivers. And if he goes on to win five or more races? He’ll be the most successful Brit to ever don the Ferrari red. Pole positions? He’s eyeing those, too, aiming to outdo any other British Ferrari driver. Podiums are a slightly different beast, though. Thanks to Michael Schumacher‘s teammate in the late ’90s, Irvine, the podium count to beat stands at 23.

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