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Christijan Albers praises Max Verstappen‘s growth in Formula 1, highlighting his improved performance on the track, professionalism, and media handling, noting his development into a more mature and skilled world champion.


– ‣ Christijan Albers is impressed by Max Verstappen’s development in Formula 1, both on the track and in his media appearances.
– ‣ Verstappen has shown significant improvement in his qualifications and overall performance, becoming a consistent contender for pole positions.
– ‣ Age and experience have contributed to Verstappen becoming calmer and more professional, particularly in his public statements and handling of media questions.
– ‣ Despite frequent media speculation about his future with Red Bull Racing, Verstappen has remained composed and adept at addressing such inquiries.

Christijan Albers can’t hide his admiration. He’s all in on how Max Verstappen is making waves. Not just tearing up the track in his RB20. But, oh, those media appearances too. It’s like watching a master at work.

### Verstappen receives compliments
Albers spills the beans in De Telegraaf’s podcast. “Look, I’m not wearing any orange-tinted glasses here, but it’s plain to see. Max? He’s on another level.” From the get-go at Red Bull, Verstappen’s been on an upward trajectory. “His qualifications? Through the roof. And now, snagging pole position seems like a walk in the park for him.”

Age, it seems, is more than just a number for Verstappen. Albers, who’s no stranger to the F1 circuit, notes a significant shift. “The grind, it’s like it’s behind him now. There’s this calmness, a professionalism that wasn’t as pronounced before.” Even when diving into the murky waters of F1 politics, Verstappen keeps it cool. “Sure, he’ll drop a truth bomb now and then. But there’s a pause, a reflection before he does. It’s calculated, not off-the-cuff.”

Lately, it feels like Verstappen can’t catch a break from the media. Rumors of him leaving Red Bull Racing are swirling like a storm. Yet, the Dutchman remains unflappable, dodging questions with the ease of a seasoned pro.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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