Horner Faces Intense Backlash on Instagram Over Newey Exit Post

Christian Horner faces criticism from Red Bull Racing fans who blame him for Adrian Newey’s departure, despite Horner’s public appreciation of Newey’s contributions and friendship, amidst rumors of internal unrest within the team.


‣ Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull Racing, has been criticized by fans for the departure of Adrian Newey, attributing Horner as the cause of Newey’s exit from the team.

‣ In a press release, Horner expressed his gratitude towards Newey for their 19 years of collaboration, highlighting Newey’s contributions and their friendship.

‣ Rumors suggest internal unrest within Red Bull Racing as the reason behind Newey’s decision to leave, with fans on social media blaming Horner for the situation.

‣ Social media reactions to Horner’s post about Newey’s departure were largely negative, with many accusing Horner of being responsible for the team’s issues and Newey’s exit.

Christian Horner’s latest move has stirred the pot. He posted a heartfelt thank you to Adrian Newey, who’s exiting stage left after years of service. This has Red Bull Racing fans up in arms, pointing fingers at Horner as the culprit behind Newey’s departure.

In a press release dripping with nostalgia, Horner called Newey a ‘friend.’ He reminisced about the 19 years they spent side by side. “Adrian wasn’t just a colleague; he was a superstar designer when he walked in. Now, he’s leaving a legend,” Horner said. He talked about their journey, from their first championship to their thirteenth, always with a sense of wonder.

But whispers in the paddock suggest turmoil within Red Bull’s walls. It seems Newey couldn’t vibe with the current atmosphere. Word on the street is, he’s off to chase new adventures. And guess what? Fans are blasting Horner on social media, blaming him for Newey’s exit.

The comments? Oh, they’re spicy. “You’re the reason he’s leaving, buddy.” “Did you really think he left for fun?” Fans are unleashing their disappointment, not holding back. They’re convinced Horner’s at the heart of it all, with some even saying he’s oblivious to the team’s crumbling dynamics.

Instagram post by Horner about Newey

In his Instagram tribute, Horner didn’t hold back. But maybe, just maybe, he missed the mark. Fans are reading between the lines, seeing this as more than just a goodbye. It’s a symbol, a sign of deeper issues. And they’re not shy about calling it out.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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