Horner Reveals Increased Satisfaction & Stress for Red Bull

2023 was a year of intense competition in Formula 1.

Last year, Red Bull Racing dominated by winning nearly every race, with Max Verstappen taking home 19 victories. This season, the gap has narrowed significantly, making things more stressful for Christian Horner.

Horner: ‘Last Year Was Less Stressful for Red Bull’

Christian Horner shared that this year’s races are much more thrilling and challenging. “When we were winning races by 30 or 40 seconds last year, it was slightly less stressful. It’s weird because when you’re winning races by that margin, you’re just focused on reliability and other elements. Now you don’t get a chance to think about reliability because it’s all about driving flat out,” he said.

He also mentioned how rewarding it is to win tough races. “I think it’s more rewarding to win a hard-fought race. Of course it is. 2023, I think only with hindsight will become a very special year in what was achieved that year. Because it really was, I keep referring to it as a unicorn year. They don’t exist,” he added.

Reflecting on last year’s achievements, Horner noted their uniqueness and rarity in Formula One history. “What we did last year was never achieved before and may never be achieved again. So this is far more normal Formula One, but we still have an 80-something-point lead in the driver’s championship and have extended our lead in the constructors on Sunday,” he said.

Fans might find this season’s unpredictability exciting!

In conclusion, while last year’s dominance was extraordinary and perhaps unrepeatable, this season’s close competition brings its own rewards and challenges. What do you think?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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