Horner vs. Jos Verstappen Feud: Red Bull’s Perspective

For over 15 minutes, Max Verstappen and Gianpiero Lambiase chatted before the only practice session in Austria.

Max sometimes nodded, sometimes sipped from his Red Bull can. From afar, no one could tell what they were discussing. Recently, there’s been a lot to talk about at Red Bull. On Friday morning, another topic popped up: the argument between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner.

Jos said in De Telegraaf that he skipped a demo in an old Red Bull F1 car because Horner “did everything he could to not let me drive. And to otherwise make sure nothing would be filmed.” He added, “It doesn’t have to be this way for me.”

Horner Opposes Jos’s Demo Run

It’s clear Horner wasn’t keen on Jos doing a demo for the team. Yet, he can’t just remove Jos from it on his own.

Horner and Jos haven’t clashed for a while. This changed after the so-called Horner affair where an employee accused Horner of inappropriate behavior. Jos was vocal about it and thought Horner should step down. However, an internal investigation cleared Horner of any wrongdoing.

Impact on Max Verstappen?

The trust between Jos and Horner was already broken beyond repair. For weeks after the incident, things seemed calm on the surface. But during the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg—Red Bull Racing’s home race—the tension between them resurfaced.

Fans might wonder how this affects Max’s future with the team .

Everyone is now holding their breath: what will happen next? Could this latest incident impact Max’s place in the team?

What do you think will happen?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez is a senior writer at F1Highlights.com. With a passion for motorsports, Albert brings a unique perspective to the world of Formula One. With over five years of experience as a sports reporter, he has honed his skills in capturing the essence of the sport.

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