Horner’s Reaction to Tough Inquiry

Red Bull’s Christian Horner talks about Sergio Perez‘s recent struggles.

Perez had a strong start with four podiums in the first five races, but things have gone wrong since then. Max Verstappen keeps winning, while Perez is barely making it to Q3 and has only scored 14 points in the last five races.

Horner defends Perez but expects improvement

“The first five races Sergio was very competitive, but the last five he was nowhere,” Horner said. “We want the Sergio of the first five races back. And he knows he can do that and he is working hard at it,” Horner added. With McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes getting better, Red Bull needs Perez to step up to keep their constructors’ title safe.

Verstappen as a teammate is tough

Having Verstappen as a teammate isn’t easy; his teammates often struggle both on track and mentally. Horner understands this and supports Perez. “When you are a teammate of Max Verstappen, you know you are up against the very best. We need him up there supporting Max because there are two McLarens now, there’s two Ferraris, there’s two Mercedes. We desperately need there to be two Red Bulls.”

Fans might think it’s time for Perez to bounce back soon or risk losing his spot in future seasons.

What do you think about Perez’s chances?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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