How Carlos Sainz Overcame the ‘Ferrari Dumping’ Incident in February

In February, news broke that Lewis Hamilton would join Ferrari in 2025. Carlos Sainz shared his thoughts on this change during an interview on El Hormiguero.

Sainz hasn’t yet announced where he will go in 2025. Rumors link him to Williams and Audi, but nothing is official. On the show, he talked about how he felt when Ferrari told him he’d be replaced: “Obviously you don’t take it well,” he said. “No one likes being told that they don’t want to be kept on. No one likes being dumped. They dumped me in February, and obviously I felt bad.”

He mentioned starting the year strong with a win but acknowledged that competing with a seven-time world champion like Hamilton for a spot at Ferrari was tough: “I started the year very well, I started the year winning, but yes, there was a seven-time world champion called Lewis Hamilton who wanted to come to Ferrari and they have made room for him in Ferrari, and against that, well, you can’t.”

‘I still want to be world champion’

Hamilton will team up with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari. Despite losing his spot, Sainz remains hopeful. This season has been notable for him; he won the Melbourne Grand Prix after recovering from appendix surgery and missed the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix just two weeks before. He also claimed victory at the Singapore Grand Prix as the only non-Red Bull Racing driver to win a race in 2023.

Ferrari currently holds second place in the Constructors’ Championship behind an Austrian team.

Looking ahead, Sainz tries to stay positive: “I take it philosophically and try to accept it in the best way possible,” he shared. “I also see it as an opportunity in the future too. Other opportunities will come up, other moments will come up.” Fans might think it’s tough luck but exciting times ahead!

“I still want to be world champion,” Sainz concluded. “I still want to win races and go for it; we have to go get it.”

What do you think about all these changes?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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