How F1 Drivers & Personnel Congratulated Norris

Lando Norris was congratulated on his first Formula One Grand Prix win by fellow drivers including Verstappen, Sainz, and Russell, as well as other personnel, through social media posts celebrating his achievement.


‣ Lando Norris achieved his first Formula One Grand Prix victory, receiving widespread congratulations from fellow F1 drivers and personnel on social media.

Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, and George Russell were among the drivers who publicly congratulated Norris, highlighting the camaraderie and respect within the F1 community.

‣ McLaren CEO Zak Brown and driver Pato O’Ward also expressed their pride and happiness for Norris’s win, emphasizing the team’s collective effort and strategic success.

Lando Norris has done it. He’s a Formula One Grand Prix champ now. And oh, the buzz on social media? It’s electric.

Max Verstappen was quick to shout out. “Very happy for @LandoNorris, congrats mate!” he tweeted. Despite not clinching the top spot himself, he seemed genuinely stoked for Norris. P2 wasn’t so bad, after all. #KeepPushing, he added, sharing a pic that captured the moment.

Then came Carlos Sainz with his vibrant “CONGRATS CABRÓN!” A picture attached, his tweet was a mix of celebration and brotherly love. May 6, 2024, marked the date.

George Russell chimed in too. “It was always when, not if, mate. Congrats, you deserve it.” His words, simple yet profound, accompanied by a snapshot. Dated May 5, 2024, it was a testament to Norris’s inevitable rise.

Zak Brown, the man steering the McLaren ship, couldn’t hide his pride. “That’s what I’m talking about!” he exclaimed. A shoutout to Andrea, Lando, Oscar, and the entire McLaren team followed. “This is just the start,” he promised, sharing a celebratory image.

And Pato O’Ward? “LANDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” His tweet was a burst of joy for Norris and a nod to McLaren’s strategy. A picture sealed his message of elation.

Each tweet, each message, was a digital high-five, a nod of respect and admiration. From the racetrack to the digital sphere, the celebration of Lando Norris’s victory was a spectacle of camaraderie and sheer joy. And amidst the emojis, hashtags, and snapshots, one thing was clear: In the world of Formula One, victories are shared, and moments like these are what make the sport truly special.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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