Is Norris Eyeing Verstappen as His Main Rival? ‘Red Bull Isn’t the Only Competitor’

The battle for pole position at Silverstone was expected to be between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Surprisingly, both drivers ended up on the second row, behind George Russell and Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes.

Norris on Battle with Verstappen at Silverstone

Norris is sure that Verstappen will be a tough competitor in Sunday’s race. But he’s also keeping an eye on Russell and Hamilton. “I’m sure Max is going to be racing us tomorrow but I’ve still got two other guys I’ve got to worry about,” he said.

He doesn’t just care about Red Bull. Norris trusts his team a lot. “I think our strategy has been very good over the last two months so I’m happy the team are doing a good job and am therefore confident we can execute a good race, but we need good pace, we need to be able to race well.”

Norris knows what he needs to do in his home race. “I need to pass two guys if that’s gonna be on the cards so I’m confident from what we know and what we’ve seen over the last few races that we can go forward,” he said confidently.

Fans might wonder if this will change the dynamics of the season.

What do you think? Can Norris pull off a win at home?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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