Is Sainz Jr. Not Moving to Audi?

Carlos Sainz Jr. is leaving Ferrari and was linked to Audi for a Formula 1 seat, but his father’s switch from Audi to Ford for the Dakar rally might have influenced his decision to reject Audi, amidst rumors about his future racing endeavors.


‣ Carlos Sainz is leaving Ferrari after the current season and is considered a top contender for a seat at Audi, influenced partly by his father’s history with the German car manufacturer.

‣ Carlos Sainz Sr., a rally legend, has signed with Ford to drive in the Dakar rally in 2025 after Audi pulled out of the competition, despite winning it last year.

‣ Sainz Sr. has set ambitious goals for his tenure at Ford, aiming to win the Dakar rally again.

‣ Carlos Sainz Jr.’s potential move to Audi’s Formula 1 team in 2026 may be impacted by his father’s switch to Ford and Audi’s withdrawal from the Dakar rally, with Sainz Jr. having already rejected Audi before the Miami Grand Prix.

Oh, the F1 rumor mill is buzzing again. This time, it’s all about Carlos Sainz and his future. The guy’s leaving Ferrari at the end of the season. Yep, you heard it right. So, now he’s on the hunt for a new team to call home.

Audi seemed like a strong bet for Sainz. Why? Well, his dad, a legend in his own right, had ties with the German car giant. But, plot twist! Ford’s just dropped a bombshell. They’ve got Carlos Sainz Sr. on board for the Dakar rally in 2025. Talk about a family affair!

So, what’s up with Audi? They’ve decided to bow out of Dakar. This left Sainz Sr. scouting for a new team. And guess what? He still managed to snag a win last year. Ford’s pretty chuffed to have him. They’re making a big deal about it, and why wouldn’t they?

Sainz Sr. is not just joining Ford; he’s got his eyes on the prize. He’s been with Ford before, knows the drill. “Driving the Raptor again? Can’t wait,” he says. And he’s not just there to make up the numbers. He wants to win Dakar. Again.

But wait, there’s more. What about Sainz Jr.? The Audi F1 connection was looking promising, thanks to his dad’s influence. But with Audi out of Dakar and Sainz Sr. moving to Ford, things got complicated. Before we could even get to the Miami Grand Prix, Sainz Jr. said “no thanks” to Audi. Looks like his dad’s switch might’ve been the deal-breaker.

And there you have it. A tale of motorsport moves and shakes, brought to you with a little help from Kada Sarkozi. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Sainz saga.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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