James Vowles Says Lewis Hamilton Is More Talented Than Michael Schumacher

James Vowles, former Mercedes team member and now Williams team boss, praised Lewis Hamilton as the most naturally talented driver he has worked with, including Michael Schumacher, highlighting Hamilton’s evolution from a win-at-all-costs mentality to valuing teamwork and strategic placements for championship success.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is considered the most naturally talented driver James Vowles has worked with, surpassing even Michael Schumacher in terms of natural talent.

‣ Hamilton’s initial mentality was focused on winning every race at any cost, which contributed to his success.

‣ Over time, Hamilton has adjusted his approach, recognizing that securing second and third places and working effectively with his team are crucial strategies for winning championships.

Lewis Hamilton? Oh, he’s something else. James Vowles, who’s seen talents come and go, places him at the pinnacle. Even higher than Michael Schumacher, if you can believe it. Now, Vowles has his hands full over at Williams, but his days at Mercedes? They’re the stuff of legends.

“Let me tell you,” Vowles spilled on the High Performance podcast, “Lewis was a force of nature from day one.” And it wasn’t just any day. It was the day he stepped into the Mercedes world, bringing a storm of talent with him. Schumacher was a legend, sure. But Lewis? He was something else. “A natural,” Vowles said, almost in awe. The plan was simple: win championships. And Hamilton’s mindset? “I’m winning every race. No matter what.” That was his mantra.

### Vowles on Hamilton

But, oh, how times have changed. Vowles notes a shift in Hamilton’s approach. It’s not just about winning races anymore. “Now, it’s about the long game,” Vowles observed. Second places, third places—they’re all part of the championship puzzle. “It’s about the team,” Hamilton seems to say, a far cry from his earlier, more solitary focus.

Hamilton’s journey, as recounted by Vowles, is a tale of growth, talent, and an ever-evolving strategy. From a relentless pursuit of victory to a more nuanced understanding of success. It’s a fascinating evolution, one that’s made all the more intriguing by Vowles’ insider perspective. And through it all, Hamilton’s brilliance has never dimmed. Not even for a second.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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