Jordan Questions Norris’s Readiness: ‘Must Prepare to Fight a Bear’

Eddie Jordan thinks Lando Norris isn’t ready to challenge Max Verstappen yet, and he says the Austrian Grand Prix showed that.

Verstappen has been dominating for years now, starting with his big fight against Lewis Hamilton in 2021. He has three world championships and is close to Michael Schumacher‘s record. On the other hand, Norris has only recently been at the front of F1 races.

Norris Needs More Preparation

Jordan believes Verstappen’s experience and strong mindset make him tough to beat. He even compared Verstappen to a bear: “Verstappen is a fighter, he is a bear. And before you enter the ring with a bear, you have to prepare for that.” According to Jordan, the incident between Norris and Verstappen shouldn’t have happened.

“When you’re leading a race, it’s like driving on a highway,” Jordan explained. “The person behind must find their way around you. Verstappen earned his lead fair and square; it was up to Norris to figure out how to pass him. But Lando kept changing directions; he wasn’t ready for such a battle.”

Fans might think this shows just how tough it is to compete against someone like Verstappen.

In racing, every move counts. One wrong turn can change everything!

What do you think about Jordan’s opinion?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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