Lawson Not in Contention for Ricciardo’s Seat Currently

Red Bull’s top advisor, Marko, has dismissed rumors that Daniel Ricciardo might be replaced by Liam Lawson at Imola, attributing the speculation to Lawson’s manager’s dreams, despite Lawson impressing as Ricciardo’s temporary replacement during the previous season.


‣ Daniel Ricciardo’s challenging start to the season led to speculation about Liam Lawson potentially replacing him, fueled by rumours of a driver change at Imola.

‣ Despite the rumours, Red Bull’s top advisor, Marko, clarified that there are no plans to replace Ricciardo with Lawson at Imola, attributing the speculation to Lawson’s manager’s aspirations rather than any concrete plans.

‣ Lawson had previously stepped in for Ricciardo, who was unable to race due to a broken metacarpal, and impressed by scoring points in the AlphaTauri during his temporary stint.

‣ Ricciardo’s performance has been under scrutiny, with rumours suggesting he had been given an ultimatum before the Imola Grand Prix, though these claims have been dismissed by Marko.

Oh boy, Daniel Ricciardo’s had a bit of a rough patch to kick off the season, huh? Whispers in the paddock suggested Liam Lawson might snag his seat before the year’s out. Imola was buzzing with chit-chat about a driver swap. But, hold your horses—Marko’s thrown cold water on that gossip. Over on, Red Bull’s guru shared his two cents, calling those whispers nothing but hot air.

Last year, Lawson wasn’t just sitting pretty. Nope, he got his hands dirty with some F1 mileage. Remember Zandvoort? Ricciardo had a bit of a mishap, busting his metacarpal. Ouch. That sidelined him for a spell. Enter Lawson, the Kiwi stepping in for the injured Aussie. And guess what? The lad didn’t just make up the numbers; he nabbed some points for AlphaTauri. Not too shabby.

Miami saw Ricciardo bounce back, but let’s be real—it hadn’t been his season. Rumor mills worked overtime, churning out tales of ultimatums and potential seat swaps before the Imola showdown.

### Marko denies rumours surrounding Ricciardo and Lawson

But here’s the kicker: Marko says it’s all baloney. “Ricciardo getting the boot for Lawson at Imola? Pure fiction,” he declared. Seems like Liam’s manager from New Zealand’s been dreaming out loud, stirring the pot. Marko’s stance? Imola’s not the place for any dramatic reveals, but hey, who knows what the future holds?

This juicy tidbit comes courtesy of a collab with Kada Sarkozi. Just goes to show, in the world of F1, today’s news is tomorrow’s fish wrapper.

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