Leclerc Secures Mega Ferrari Contract: Earnings Revealed

Charles Leclerc has signed a multi-year contract extension with Ferrari until at least 2026, potentially increasing his salary from $24 million to $30 million immediately, and up to $50 million in the coming years, with a special clause allowing him to leave from 2026 onwards, while teammate Carlos Sainz may not receive a similar deal.


‣ Charles Leclerc has signed a multi-year contract extension with Ferrari, ensuring his stay at the team at least until 2026, with rumors suggesting the possibility of the contract extending until 2029.

‣ Following the contract extension, Leclerc’s salary has increased from $24 million to $30 million immediately, with the potential to rise to $50 million annually in the future, provided he remains with Ferrari for the next five years.

‣ The contract includes a special clause allowing Leclerc the option to leave Ferrari starting from 2026.

‣ Unlike Leclerc, Carlos Sainz has not been offered a similar mega-contract by Ferrari, with the duration of his contract being a point of discussion.

Oh boy, Charles Leclerc just made a big splash in the world of Formula 1. He’s sticking with Ferrari until at least 2026. That’s a commitment! And let me tell you, it wasn’t cheap.

Now, here’s the kicker. The exact length of this deal is kinda shrouded in mystery. Ferrari’s playing their cards close to the chest. There were whispers, you know, about a contract stretching till 2029. But hey, that’s just rumors for now. If it turns out to be true, Leclerc’s setting a record here, following in Max Verstappen‘s tire tracks.

### Leclerc’s salary after contract extension with Ferrari

So, diving into the juicy part: Leclerc’s bank account is about to explode. According to the folks over at Italian Corriere della Sera, his salary’s jumping up by $6 million. Yep, from $24 million straight to $30 million. And guess what? That sweet increase kicks in this year.

But wait, there’s more. We’re talking a potential $50 million a year in the near future. Of course, there’s a catch. He needs to stay put with Ferrari for five more years to hit that jackpot. Plus, there’s this nifty clause that lets him wave goodbye to the F1 team starting from 2026 if he wants to.

Now, onto Carlos Sainz. Seems like he won’t be getting the same golden handshake, per Corriere della Sera. Ferrari’s keen on keeping him, sure, but they’re not rolling out the red carpet just yet. The length of his stay is up for debate. But Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss, is hopeful to lock down Sainz’s contract before the race engines start roaring for the new season.

In a nutshell, it’s all happening at Ferrari. Leclerc’s sitting pretty, while Sainz’s future is a bit of a question mark. But hey, that’s F1 for you—fast cars, big money, and a whole lot of drama.

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