Leclerc Unhappy with Sainz: ‘He Wanted to Do Something Spectacular’

Footage shows Charles Leclerc visiting Carlos Sainz right after the Spanish Grand Prix. Leclerc was clearly upset with Sainz’s actions at the start of the race.

During the second lap, Sainz used Leclerc’s slipstream to try and pass him on the outside. Leclerc was on the inside, and they briefly touched, causing damage to Leclerc’s front wing. Sainz then went off track but rejoined in front of Leclerc.

Leclerc felt that Sainz was trying too hard to impress because it was his home race and he hasn’t secured a seat for next year. “We had a clear strategy to save tires early on, but Carlos didn’t save in Turn 14 and tried to overtake me in Turn 1,” said Leclerc. “It’s a shame because we lost time.”

Leclerc not happy

Leclerc continued his thoughts with Autosport: “I damaged my front wing because Carlos didn’t see I was inside, making our race harder.” He called it unnecessary since they were supposed to save tires at that point.

“I get it’s his home race and an important time for him, so he wanted something spectacular,” added Leclerc. “But I wasn’t the right person for that.”

Fans might think this tension could affect their teamwork in future races.

What do you think about this whole situation?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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