Lewis Hamilton Embraces New Challenge at Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton is moving to Ferrari in 2025, seeking a new challenge and driven by concerns over Mercedes’ performance and the allure of driving for the prestigious Ferrari team, despite his long-standing loyalty to Mercedes.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is moving to Ferrari in 2025, a surprising decision given his long-standing loyalty to Mercedes and his consistent praise for the team.

‣ Hamilton expressed concerns about Mercedes’ ability to close the performance gap, particularly after the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he highlighted a significant 17-second gap to Red Bull despite their lack of development since August.

‣ Hamilton’s decision is partly motivated by the prestige of driving for Ferrari, a team with a rich history in Formula 1, despite not having won a drivers’ championship since 2007.

‣ Achieving an 8th World Championship and driving for Ferrari are two major career milestones that Hamilton has yet to accomplish, making the move to Ferrari an attractive challenge for him.

Lewis Hamilton’s making a leap to Ferrari in 2025. Yep, you read that right. After a decade of “I bleed Mercedes” vibes, this switcheroo is kinda jaw-dropping. But, hold up, let’s dive into why Hamilton’s craving this fresh challenge.

### Spotting Something Off
Hamilton’s not one to zip his lips about his team’s awesomeness. Post-race, it’s all cheers for the Mercedes crew, especially when a shiny new upgrade’s on the line. Yet, his tone took a 180 at the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix wrap-up. Hamilton and George Russell bagged enough points to clinch P2 for Mercedes in the World Championship. Despite a less-than-stellar ninth-place finish, Hamilton kept his streak of scoring in every 2023 race. But at the mic, he was all gloom, saying the best part of 2023 was “the fact I survived it.”

Red Bull’s 17-second victory lap, with no upgrades since August, definitely wrinkled Hamilton’s brow. “We’ve learnt a lot about the car. It’s down to the team now. Whether we’ll get there, we’ll see,” he mused in Abu Dhabi. That last bit? It kinda screams, “I’m not holding my breath.” Sure, he’s not saying Mercedes will backslide or hit a development wall. But that 17-second gap? It’s like a thorn in his side. Even as Hamilton hits pause for winter, one wonders if he’s got a nagging doubt about Mercedes’ trajectory.

Then there’s McLaren, pulling a fast one in 2023. They zoomed from trailing Mercedes to duking it out with Red Bull for pole positions by summer. Oscar Piastri even snagged a sprint race win in Qatar. Hamilton kept pointing to McLaren’s leap as proof that big gains were doable.

### The Ferrari Allure
Let’s cut to the chase: Hamilton’s F1 resume is already legendary. Seven World Championships, the most wins and pole positions ever – the man’s a living legend. He’s aced his home race multiple times and even got a piece of Silverstone named after him. But, two big dreams are still unchecked: snagging an 8th World Championship and, yep, racing for Ferrari.

Dreaming of a Ferrari gig? That’s like F1 101 for any driver in the past 25 years. Despite a championship dry spell since 2007 (yup, Hamilton’s rookie year), Ferrari’s seat is still the one with the velvet ropes. It’s steeped in history and prestige. And Hamilton? He’s no exception to the rule.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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