Magnussen Silent on Sargeant Crash Following Difficult Weekend

Kevin Magnussen accumulated five penalty points on his license during the Miami Grand Prix weekend, bringing his total to 10, after incidents involving Lewis Hamilton and Logan Sargeant, leading to his dissatisfaction with the event.


‣ Kevin Magnussen accumulated five penalty points on his licence in Miami, bringing his total to 10 points, due to aggressive driving and incidents during the race weekend.

‣ During the sprint race in Miami, Magnussen was involved in a long battle with Lewis Hamilton, which resulted in a 35-second time penalty and three penalty points for cutting the chicane, colliding with Mercedes, and pushing Hamilton off the track.

‣ In the main race, a crash with Logan Sargeant led to a 20-second time penalty and two penalty points for Magnussen. A procedural error with this penalty resulted in an additional drive-through penalty, later converted into a 20-second post-race penalty.

‣ Magnussen expressed his dissatisfaction with the weekend, describing it as a “hellish weekend” and chose not to comment on the crash with Sargeant, indicating his unhappiness with the events and outcomes.

Kevin Magnussen really stirred the pot in Miami last weekend. And not for reasons to celebrate. He racked up a whopping five penalty points on his driving license there. That pushed his total to an eyebrow-raising 10 points. Post-race, Magnussen was far from thrilled about how things panned out.

Racing hard is Magnussen’s MO, but Miami saw him crossing the line—more than once. Picture this: a heated tussle with Lewis Hamilton during Saturday’s sprint. Amidst the scorching Miami heat, Magnussen sliced through a chicane, bumped into Hamilton’s sleek Mercedes, and even nudged Hamilton off the track. Ouch. The aftermath? A hefty 35-second time penalty slapped on him, along with three penalty points to boot.

But wait, there’s more. Sunday wasn’t any kinder to the Haas driver. A clash with Logan Sargeant turned messy, landing Magnussen a 20-second time penalty and another two penalty points. And, as if to add insult to injury, a botched penalty execution led to a post-race drive-through penalty. This got converted into yet another 20-second penalty after the race concluded.

### Magnussen heavily dissatisfied

Post-Miami Grand Prix, Magnussen was anything but content. He dubbed the weekend a “hellish” experience. When prodded about his collision with Sargeant, Magnussen clamped up, choosing to say, “I better not comment.” Clearly, the weekend’s events didn’t sit well with him, and he wasn’t keen on dwelling on them any further.

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