Marko Supports Verstappen, Will Step Down if Max Decides to Leave

Helmut Marko has pledged to support Max Verstappen‘s potential desire to leave Red Bull Racing by stepping down, ensuring Verstappen can leave if he wishes, reflecting their close relationship and mutual loyalty.


– ‣ Max Verstappen has the option to leave Red Bull Racing before his contract ends in 2028 if Helmut Marko, his close confidant and Red Bull consultant, steps down.
– ‣ Helmut Marko has pledged to support Verstappen’s career decisions, even if it means stepping down to allow Verstappen to move to another team.
– ‣ The relationship between Verstappen and Marko is described as very close, with both parties showing mutual loyalty and support for each other’s career paths.
– ‣ There have been rumors about Mercedes showing interest in both Marko and Verstappen, suggesting a potential team switch could be facilitated by Marko’s departure from Red Bull.

Max Verstappen? Oh, he’s got the steering wheel of his future firmly in his grip. Now, get this – the BBC Sport folks have been chatting, and it turns out Helmut Marko, that wily fox, is all in with our three-time world champ. If Verstappen decides he’s had enough of zipping around in Red Bull colors, Marko’s ready to rip up the contract. Just like that. Poof! Gone.

And here’s the kicker. Verstappen’s tied to Red Bull Racing till 2028. But, and it’s a big but, if Marko decides to hang up his hat, Verstappen could be outta there faster than you can say “pit stop.” Whether it’s after this season or post-2025, it all hinges on Marko’s moves.

But, don’t you worry. The Austrian bigwig isn’t about to play gatekeeper. Word on the street, or rather, whispers from the BBC Sport insiders, is that Marko’s given Verstappen his word. Whatever Max wants, Max gets. Fancy a stint with Mercedes? Or maybe a jaunt with Aston Martin? If Verstappen’s eyes wander, Marko’s prepared to step aside.

### Verstappen and Marko inseparable

Honestly, this isn’t shocking. Verstappen and Marko are thick as thieves, partners in crime. Earlier this year, when rumors swirled that Marko might get the boot from Red Bull Racing, Verstappen was right there, tying his future to his mentor’s. Now, it’s Marko’s turn to return the favor.

And oh, there’s a juicy tidbit floating around. Mercedes, those sly dogs, supposedly flirted with the idea of snagging Marko to lure Verstappen over to their camp in Brackley. True or not? Who knows. But with the latest scoop, it’s not looking too far-fetched, is it?

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Albert Ramirez
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