Marko’s Impression of Verstappen’s Impressive 50-Lap Drive

Max Verstappen overcame brake problems to win the United States Grand Prix, impressing Red Bull’s top advisor, Helmut Marko, who also praised Lewis Hamilton‘s performance.


‣ Max Verstappen won the United States Grand Prix despite brake problems.
‣ Verstappen’s brake pads were replaced after the sprint race, but they caused uneven braking during the main race.
‣ Red Bull’s top advisor, Helmut Marko, is impressed with Verstappen’s performance despite the difficulties.
‣ Lewis Hamilton also had a strong race and was closing in on Verstappen, but couldn’t make an attack.

Max Verstappen showed his determination and skill as he fought through brake problems to secure victory at the United States Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver had to deal with inconsistent braking throughout the race, making it a difficult challenge. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s top advisor, expressed his admiration for Verstappen’s performance, stating, “This is normally a routine job. Already after a few laps, Max complained that the brakes worked unevenly…It was difficult to drive 50 laps like that.”

Despite the brake issues, Verstappen managed to hold off a charging Lewis Hamilton in the closing stages of the race. Marko praised Hamilton for his impressive performance, saying, “I think Lewis drove a sensational race. He didn’t make any mistakes either.” It was a thrilling battle between the two world champions, with Hamilton falling just short of a successful attack on Verstappen.

The brake problems added an extra layer of difficulty for Verstappen, but he showed his resilience and skill in overcoming the challenge. It was a true test of his abilities, and he proved himself worthy of the victory. As Marko stated, “Max Verstappen is a triple world champion for a reason. He knows how to handle tough situations and come out on top.”

The United States Grand Prix showcased the fierce competition between Verstappen and Hamilton, and the race highlighted the intense skill and determination of both drivers. It was a thrilling battle until the very end, with Verstappen ultimately emerging as the victor. This victory further solidifies Verstappen’s position as one of the top drivers in Formula 1, showing that he can overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional performances.

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