Marko’s Painfully Accurate Prediction About Perez: ‘Shouldn’t Have Lived Up to It’

There’s been a lot happening with Sergio Perez lately.

Before the Canadian Grand Prix, his contract extension was announced, but then he qualified 16th and crashed during the race. Helmut Marko mentioned to that the plan around Perez’s contract extension hasn’t worked out yet.

Perez was already struggling when his contract got renewed at Red Bull. He had just come off a bad weekend in Imola and an even worse one in Monaco. So, it was surprising to many when they announced his contract extension at that time.

Marko’s Tough Critique on Perez

Marko initially wanted Perez to wait for a contract extension so he wouldn’t get complacent. But in Canada, things didn’t go well. Marko said, “He didn’t have to comply. We extended his contract because we wanted to bring calm to our team. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. But now Checo has three races before the at three real circuits, so he can prove himself.”

In Canada, Marko also pointed out that McLaren has the strongest driver duo with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. When someone noted this doesn’t look good for Perez, he replied, “But that’s the way it is. They [Norris and Piastri] are young and are always close to each other, especially in qualifying. And they will both improve, especially Piastri.”

Fans might think this is harsh but fair criticism.

While discussing drivers’ performances can be unpredictable like weather forecasts or sudden hiccups during speeches—sometimes you just never know what’s coming next!

What do you think about all this?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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