Max Verstappen Reflects on This Season vs. 2022: ‘We Weren’t the Fastest’

The Spanish Grand Prix showed who’s who in Formula 1 right now. Red Bull has Max Verstappen, the best driver, but McLaren has the fastest car.

Verstappen remembers 2022 when Ferrari started strong with new rules. Despite winning the world title three times, he only had the best car once. “I think in 2022 we were not the quickest, Ferrari was the quickest, and last year, I think we were quite good, but I think Mercedes were actually quite decent at that time of the year.”

McLaren’s Speed and Red Bull’s Challenge

Now McLaren is faster than Red Bull, and Verstappen admires their work. “McLaren are just doing a really, really good job. They have brought a lot of good updates to their car; it really just seems to work.” He notes that while Red Bull has made improvements too, they haven’t gained as much speed as others. Fans might wonder if Red Bull can catch up.

Red Bull needs to find more speed to get ahead again.

‘Red Bull needs to work on tyre wear’

A big issue for Red Bull is their tyre wear problem from Spain. “We just couldn’t look after the tyres like Lando could,” said Verstappen. He stressed how important it is to manage tyres better on most tracks with high wear.

What do you think? Can Red Bull fix this?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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