Max Verstappen’s Total Formula 1 Wins

Max Verstappen has won 61 Formula 1 races, which is about 31% of all the races he has entered.

He is quickly becoming one of the best drivers ever, and his stats are starting to show it.

Verstappen in the Top Three

At just 26 years old, Verstappen is already among the top three drivers for most race wins. He has more than half of Lewis Hamilton‘s total wins. He’s also ahead of Sebastian Vettel, who has 53 wins. Verstappen has won at every track on the 2024 calendar except Singapore.

Verstappen’s F1 Winning History

His first win was at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016. It was his first race with Red Bull Racing, and he qualified fourth on Saturday. After a crash between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, Verstappen had a chance to win against Kimi Raikkonen. Despite pressure from Raikkonen, Verstappen held on to become the youngest race winner in F1 history at just 18 years and 288 days old.

In addition to being the youngest winner, he’s also the youngest leader in an F1 race.

Verstappen Dominates Formula 1

In 2017, he won two races in Malaysia and Mexico. In 2019, he added three more victories: Austria, Germany, and Brazil. Even during Mercedes’ dominance in 2020, Verstappen managed to win two races—Silverstone and Abu Dhabi.

The victory in Abu Dhabi hinted at what was coming in 2021 when Verstappen seriously contended for the world title for the first time. He won ten Grands Prix that year against Lewis Hamilton: Emilia-Romagna, Monaco, France, Styria (Austria), Belgium (twice), Netherlands (his home country), United States (Texas), Mexico City (again!), and Abu Dhabi.

Fans might think it’s amazing how quickly he’s risen through the ranks!

In 2022, he set another record by winning fifteen races in one season—more than Michael Schumacher or Vettel ever did! He became champion again with victories across Saudi Arabia , Emilia-Romagna , Miami , Spain , Azerbaijan , Canada , France , Hungary , Belgium , Netherlands , Italy , Japan , United States Mexico and Abu Dhabi . His second world title came after his win in Japan.

The next year started strong with a victory right away at Bahrain followed by Australia Miami Beach vibes again Monaco glamour Spain’s bullfighting spirit Canadian maple syrup sweetness Austrian Alps adventure British tea-time triumph Hungarian goulash power Belgian waffles delight Dutch tulip celebration Italian pasta party .

By mid-season fans were already buzzing about another potential championship!

As we moved into early parts of ’24 season Max continued dominating circuits adding Bahrain desert heat wins Saudi Arabian sandstorm sweepsand Japanese cherry blossom moments to his growing list!

What do you think will happen next?

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