Max Verstappen’s Total Pole Positions in Formula 1

Max Verstappen now has 40 pole positions in Formula 1, putting him 5th on the all-time list.

Red Bull Racing’s car is very fast in 2024, so he might get even more poles.

The First Pole in Hungary

Verstappen’s journey began at the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix. He was just a tiny bit faster than Valtteri Bottas, grabbing his first-ever pole position. Though he aimed to be the youngest on pole, he missed that mark by a bit.

Sebastian Vettel still holds the record for the youngest pole-sitter. At just 21 years and 2 months old, Vettel took pole at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix driving for Toro Rosso. Charles Leclerc almost broke this record at 21 years and 5 months old when he took pole in Bahrain in 2019. Fernando Alonso also beat Verstappen to it; Alonso was 21 years and 7 months old when he got his first pole in Malaysia back in 2003. Verstappen was slightly older at his first pole—21 years and ten months.

In Brazil later that year, Verstappen added another pole to his name. The next year, with Mercedes dominating, he only managed one more pole position during the final race in Abu Dhabi—a hint of good things to come for him.

2021 was an epic year with Max battling Lewis Hamilton fiercely. Max won ten races and started from pole ten times too—in places like Bahrain, France, Styria, Austria, England, Belgium, Netherlands (his home!), Italy, USA and Abu Dhabi.

Despite having less competition for the title with RB18 in 2022 , Max didn’t secure as many poles as before. Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz often outpaced him over one lap. Still, Max shone during races with a record-breaking fifteen wins but only seven poles: Imola, Canada, Austria again (seems like a favorite), Netherlands again (home love!), Japan , Mexico , and Abu Dhabi once more!

Fans might think it’s amazing how quickly he’s climbed up these rankings!

In contrast though…2023 saw a big improvement! Twelve poles! He was fastest during qualifying sessions across Bahrain , Australia , Monaco , Spain , Canada , Austria yet again Great Britain Belgium Netherlands (home sweet home) Japan Qatar Brazil and Abu Dhabi . He did face a five-place penalty once but still rocked it overall!

Record List for Pole Positions

Now let’s talk numbers! With already being third for most victories (61 wins), Max is fifth for most poles ever! Next up? Sebastian Vettel sits at fifty-seven while legends Ayrton Senna & Michael Schumacher have sixty-five & sixty-eight respectively ahead of them stands Lewis Hamilton reigning supreme atop with one hundred four poles!!

What do you think about these records?

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