McLaren vs Red Bull Development Battle: Windsor’s Insight

McLaren’s upgrades in Miami proved effective as Lando Norris won his first race, outpacing Max Verstappen in the final stages, though Peter Windsor believes Red Bull still has the superior car despite McLaren’s significant improvements.


‣ McLaren introduced upgrades in Miami that significantly improved their performance, with Lando Norris winning his first race and outpacing Max Verstappen in the final stages.

‣ Despite McLaren’s success and the introduction of 10 new parts in Miami, Peter Windsor believes Red Bull still has the better car overall.

‣ Windsor acknowledges that it’s too early to declare McLaren has surpassed Red Bull in the development race, attributing Norris’s victory to both the upgrades and his ability to maximize opportunities and avoid mistakes under pressure.

McLaren really hit the jackpot with their latest upgrades in Miami, didn’t they? Lando Norris, bless him, snagged his first-ever win. And get this – he was zipping past Max Verstappen in those nail-biting final stages. But, here’s the kicker, Peter Windsor’s still betting on Red Bull having the ace car.

Before the engines roared to life in Miami, the buzz was all about McLaren. They rolled up with a whopping 10 new parts. Talk about going all in. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, wondering if this was McLaren’s moment to shine. And shine they did, but not without a bit of a hiccup in qualifying. Norris, though, he flipped the script on race day, leaving everyone in his dust.

### Have McLaren passed Red Bull?

So, on Windsor’s YouTube channel, someone popped the million-dollar question. Has McLaren outpaced Red Bull in the tech race? Windsor’s take? “I don’t think they have. I think. Well, I’ve got to say, like everybody else, it’s a bit early to say that. And this is one race where Red Bull didn’t get it absolutely right.”

Despite the skepticism, Windsor couldn’t help but sing Norris’s praises. The kid really took advantage of every twist and turn that came his way. And those last ten laps? A minefield of potential blunders. Yet, Norris was unflappable. His driving? Simply sublime. It was a sight to behold, truly.

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