Mercedes Fears Missing Out on ‘Next Verstappen’

Mercedes still hasn’t decided who will take the second seat in 2025.

They are considering Andrea Kimi Antonelli, but it’s unclear if he’s ready for F1.

Is Antonelli Ready for Mercedes?

Toto Wolff has mentioned that Mercedes is planning a “new direction” for 2025. He doesn’t want to miss out on a young talent like they did with Max Verstappen. On the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Bernie Collins said this is why Wolff wants Antonelli in the seat quickly. “There’s the impression potentially that there’s a fear of missing out on the next Verstappen,” she explained. They want to support someone young and hope he becomes the next big star in a few years.

Collins added, “There’s that sort of fear around missing out on getting Kimi into that seat and that’s potentially why there’d be this push to maybe put him in the seat a little before, potentially he’s ready.”

This year is Antonelli’s first season in F2 after moving up from Formula 4. Some people wonder if he can handle F1 yet. Collins suggested, “Can he go to Williams for the second half of the year? Then get into the Mercedes seat.” She pointed out how George Russell spent time at Williams before moving to Mercedes.

However, James Vowles from Williams said there’s no space for Antonelli on their team. Their main focus for 2025 is Carlos Sainz. Fans might think it’s risky to rush such a young driver into F1 so soon.

Collins concluded, “We’re expecting there to be no room at Williams. We’re expecting them to confirm Alex Albon’s partner will be Carlos Sainz shortly.” The FIA has changed super license rules which could allow special permission for Antonelli to debut before August.

What do you think about putting such a young driver in an F1 car?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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