Miami Grand Prix Results Altered Due to Late Penalty

Carlos Sainz received a penalty for an incident with Oscar Piastri during the Miami GP, causing him to lose fourth place to Sergio Perez and also earning a penalty point on his license, but he does not face suspension as it is his first penalty point in 12 months.


‣ Carlos Sainz received a time penalty for an incident with Oscar Piastri, causing him to lose his fourth place in the Miami GP.

‣ The penalty was given after Sainz, attempting to overtake Piastri, collided with him, forcing Piastri to replace his front wing and finish the race outside the points.

‣ As a result of the penalty, Sainz dropped a position to Sergio Perez, altering his points from 15 to 12 for the race.

‣ Sainz also received a penalty point on his licence, his first in the past 12 months, moving him closer to the threshold of 12 penalty points needed for a suspension.

Oh boy, Carlos Sainz found himself in a bit of a pickle, didn’t he? Just after Kevin Magnussen, he’s gone and snagged himself a time penalty. Why, you ask? Well, it seems he had a bit of a tussle with Oscar Piastri. This little incident cost him his fourth place. Ouch.

So, here’s the scoop. Sainz and Piastri were duking it out towards the race’s finale. Picture this: they’re speeding down the long straight, the tension’s high, and Sainz, in his fiery Ferrari, decides it’s now or never. He goes for the overtake on Piastri’s McLaren but—bam!—contact. Poor Piastri’s left nursing a wounded front wing, and yep, you guessed it, he had to pit for a new one. Just like that, his chances of scoring points vanished into thin air.

Sainz’s Miami GP Oopsie

Now, get this, Sainz himself was unscathed. No need to pit for him. He actually crossed the finish line in fourth place in Miami, basking in the glory. But then, plot twist! That penalty swooped in and snatched a place from him, handing it over to Sergio Perez. So, instead of bagging 15 points, Sainz had to settle for 12. Talk about a bummer.

But wait, there’s more. Sainz also got slapped with a penalty point on his licence. Now, before you think it’s all doom and gloom, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Unlike Magnussen, Sainz isn’t staring down the barrel of a suspension. Nope, this is his first penalty point in a whole year. You need a whopping 12 of those bad boys for a suspension. So, he’s still in the clear… for now.

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