Mortara Secures Surprise Pole Position at Berlin E-Prix

Edoardo Mortara secured pole position for the Berlin E-Prix, earning Mahindra its first points of the 2024 season after outperforming competitors in qualifying rounds and the final.


‣ Edoardo Mortara secured pole position for the Berlin E-Prix, marking the first points for Mahindra in 2024.

‣ In the qualifying rounds, Mortara set the fastest time in Group A, and successfully advanced through the quarter-finals and semi-finals, demonstrating his competitive edge.

‣ The final race was closely contested, with Mortara beating Stoffel Vandoorne by a margin of 0.267 seconds to secure the pole position.

‣ This victory was significant for Mahindra, as it represented their first points of the season, highlighting a potential turnaround in their performance.

Edoardo Mortara? Yeah, he clinched pole position for the Berlin E-Prix. And guess what? He did it against all odds. This victory marks the first points for Mahindra in 2024. Quite the feat, huh?

During the qualifying rounds, Group A was where Mortara shone. The Swiss driver? He was on fire, setting the fastest time in his group. Alongside him, Pascal Wehrlein, Jean-Eric Vergne, and Jehan Daruvala made it through. Oh, and let’s not forget the contenders from Group B – Lucas di Grassi, Maximilian Günther, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Sergio Sette Camara. They all advanced to the quarter-finals, making the competition fierce.

In the quarter-finals, Mortara faced off against Daruvala. And boy, was it a sight! He was a mere two-tenths faster than the ex-Formula 2 driver. Meanwhile, Vergne outpaced Wehrlein, and Vandoorne sent Günther packing, the home crowd’s hopes dashed. Sette Camara? He managed to outspeed Di Grassi.

Now, onto the semi-finals. Mortara and Vergne went head-to-head. The tension? Palpable. With just a tenth of a second difference, Mortara kept his cool and secured his spot in the final. Vandoorne, on the other hand, showed Sette Camara the door.

### Surprising pole for Mortara in Formula E

The final was nothing short of electrifying. Mortara snagging pole position meant Mahindra scored their first three points of the season. Vandoorne? He was left trailing by 0.267 seconds. Talk about a nail-biter.

### Starting grid Berlin E-Prix Formula E

So, there you have it. The stage is set for an exhilarating race. With Mortara leading the pack, the Berlin E-Prix is shaping up to be a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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