Most Likely F1 Team to Secure Newey’s Signature

Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing and is considering options for his future in Formula 1, with potential moves to Ferrari, Aston Martin, or Mercedes, each offering unique opportunities and challenges.


– ‣ Adrian Newey is considering leaving Red Bull Racing and remains interested in staying active within Formula 1, exploring various options for his next move.
– ‣ Ferrari emerges as a significant option for Newey, given his past interest in the team and the potential for working with both the team and Lewis Hamilton under a stable leadership.
– ‣ Aston Martin presents an attractive choice for Newey, offering proximity to his current base, a reunion with Honda, and the opportunity to work with Fernando Alonso.
– ‣ Mercedes, despite having an in-house technical director, could be a potential destination for Newey, especially if it aligns with their strategy to also attract Max Verstappen.

Adrian Newey’s on the move. Yep, you heard it right. The man’s leaving Red Bull Racing. But, hold your horses, he’s not bowing out of Formula 1 just yet. GPblog’s got the scoop on where he might land next.

Now, Ferrari. That’s the big talk. Newey’s had a bit of a crush on them for ages. But, he’s never made the leap. Until now? Maybe.

But here’s the kicker – moving’s been the deal-breaker. Imagine trying to lead a team in Italy while you’re chilling in England. Plus, there’s the family to think about. Despite saying “no” to Ferrari’s flirts before, this time could be different.

Enter Frederic Vasseur. The guy’s a rock at Ferrari, knowing his F1 onions. And guess what? They’ve just snagged Lewis Hamilton. Newey joining could be the cherry on top. He’s always fancied working with Hamilton and Ferrari. Two dreams, one move?

Then there’s Aston Martin. No need to pack up his life; it’s just around the corner from Red Bull. Plus, he’s got history with the brand, having designed the Valkyrie.

2026’s bringing Honda engines to Aston Martin, making them a factory team. And with Fernando Alonso sticking around, Newey’s got another chance to team up with F1 royalty.

Mercedes? Now, that’s a curveball. Their car’s been a bit off lately, and you’d think they’d be all over Newey like a rash. But, it’s complicated. James Allison’s their tech guru, and Newey might ruffle some feathers.

Yet, Mercedes is eyeing up Max Verstappen. If Newey jumps ship, it might just sweeten the deal for Verstappen.

So, there you have it. Newey’s got options. Ferrari’s calling, Aston Martin’s waving, and Mercedes? Well, they’re playing it cool. But in this game, anything can happen.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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