Newey Officially Resigns from F1: What’s Next?

Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull Racing by the end of the first quarter of 2025 to seek new challenges, with his departure raising concerns from Jos Verstappen and receiving neutral comments from Toto Wolff, while Ferrari announced their livery for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.


‣ Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull Racing but will remain with the team until the end of the first quarter of 2025, focusing on completing the RB17 hypercar project.

‣ Newey’s departure allows him to join a rival team, with speculation about which Formula 1 teams could be his next destination.

‣ Jos Verstappen expressed concerns about the impact of Newey’s departure on Red Bull Racing, emphasizing the importance of keeping key people for internal peace, while Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff remained neutral, viewing the situation as a fan.

‣ Ferrari announced their livery for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, featuring blue accents in partnership with their latest title sponsor, HP, but clarified the car will not be completely blue, addressing fans’ speculations.

So, big news dropped on May 1st. Red Bull Racing went public on social media, dropping a bombshell about Adrian Newey’s departure. Everyone’s buzzing: What’s the scoop on Newey leaving? How did Jos Verstappen take the news? And what’s next for the Brit?

### Newey’s Exit: The Lowdown
Crack of dawn, and it’s all over the news. Adrian Newey’s waving goodbye to Red Bull Racing. But he’s not ghosting just yet. He’ll stick around till the end of March 2025. Till then, he’s still hitting the tracks, wrapping up on the RB17 hypercar project. Newey’s take? “Time to pass the baton and chase new adventures. But first, gotta see the RB17 through to the finish line.”

Rumors were swirling. Word on the street was, Red Bull might clip Newey’s wings till 2027, stopping him from joining any rivals. Turns out, that’s not the case. He’s free as a bird once he steps out. GPblog’s even thrown around a few names on where he might land next in the F1 circus.

### Verstappen and Wolff Weigh In
Jos Verstappen’s not keeping it zipped. Told De Telegraaf he saw this coming. “Gotta keep the A-team together for peace at home base. Now? Not happening,” says the ex-F1 racer. Max Verstappen? Mum’s the word post-announcement. But his stance was never a secret. He’s all for team unity.

Christian Horner, the big boss at Red Bull, took to Instagram. Called Newey a pal. But, oof, the fans? They weren’t having any of it. Meanwhile, Toto Wolff from Mercedes is playing it cool. Told Reuters, “Newey’s a legend. Just sitting back and watching how this plays out, like any other F1 fan.”

### Ferrari’s Miami Makeover
Oh, and Ferrari’s dropping some style news too. Their 2024 Miami Grand Prix look? It’s got a new sponsor, HP, and some snazzy blue highlights. But don’t expect a full blue makeover. The “Dinoco Ferrari” dream? Not happening in Florida, folks.

So, there you have it. The F1 world’s buzzing with moves, rumors, and fashion updates. Stay tuned, ’cause this ride’s just getting started.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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