Newey’s Manager Discusses Potential Next Move

Adrian Newey, after leaving Red Bull Racing, is rumored to be considering a move to Ferrari or Aston Martin, but his manager Eddie Jordan suggests he might take a break from Formula 1, despite recent talks with Ferrari about designing their 2026 car.


‣ Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing has sparked interest from Ferrari and Aston Martin, highlighting his significant value to the Formula 1 world.

‣ Despite the interest from other teams, Eddie Jordan, Newey’s manager, suggests that Newey might prefer taking a break from the high-pressure environment of Formula 1, considering his age and long tenure at Red Bull.

‣ Newey’s potential move to Ferrari is gaining traction, with team boss Frederic Vasseur reportedly having discussions with him, indicating a possible direct involvement in designing Ferrari’s 2026 car if he joins.

Adrian Newey’s name has been buzzing. Since whispers of his Red Bull Racing exit hit the airwaves, speculation’s been wild. Ferrari? Aston Martin? The rumor mill’s churning.

Both squads, it seems, are itching to snag the engineer. They’re dreaming of that world title boost. And who wouldn’t? Newey’s a catch.

Eddie Jordan, the man behind the man, hasn’t batted an eyelid at the gossip. Turning down Formula 1’s glitzy offers? Wouldn’t shock him. Not one bit.

Newey’s been in the Red Bull pressure cooker for ages. Maybe he’s eyeing a break. A breather. “Just cruising for a while,” as folks say. That’s Eddie’s bet, anyway.

He’s not the young gun he once was. At 65, Newey’s seen things. Done things. Eddie muses on this, hinting at a life’s crossroads. Perhaps it’s time for a new chapter.

Red Bull’s been his home. His arena. For nearly twenty years, no less. Great team, great drivers. But even the best stories have their finales, right?

Eddie Jordan, ever the character, played his part in this saga. The split between Newey and Red Bull? He was in the thick of it. Newey’s shoutout in the press? That was to Eddie.

### Newey and Ferrari

Now, let’s pivot to Ferrari. The grapevine’s ripe with whispers of Newey’s next move. Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s head honcho, supposedly had a London chat with our man.

If Newey pens a deal with the Italians, he’s straight into the fray. The 2026 Ferrari car? That could be his baby. And his “gardening leave”? Shorter than we thought.

So, what’s next for Adrian Newey? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the F1 world’s watching, waiting for his next masterpiece.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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