Norris Clarifies Not Fearing Verstappen, Calls It Unwise

Lando Norris decided to stay with McLaren instead of moving to Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen, citing the challenge of adapting to a new team and the difficulty of competing against a well-established driver like Verstappen as key reasons for his decision.


‣ Lando Norris decided to stay with McLaren, signing a multi-year contract extension, despite the realistic scenario of joining Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen.

‣ Norris believes that joining Red Bull Racing and competing directly with Verstappen, who is very comfortable and supported within his team, would not be a good move for any driver due to the difficulty of immediately challenging such a well-established teammate.

‣ Despite acknowledging Verstappen’s status as one of the best drivers in Formula 1, Norris is not afraid to go against him but emphasizes the importance of being in the right environment to compete effectively.

‣ Norris looks forward to future battles with Verstappen on the track, indicating a respect and eagerness to compete against top drivers, albeit under the right circumstances.

For a moment, it almost felt like we were on the brink of something big. Picture this: Lando Norris, taking up the mantle as Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull Racing. But nope, the plot twisted. The 24-year-old Brit decided to stick with McLaren, signing on the dotted line for a few more years. Norris had his reasons, saying jumping ship to Red Bull didn’t quite sit right with him.

**Norris not afraid of Verstappen**

When Sky Sports got nosy, asking if Norris was hesitant to team up with Verstappen, his response wasn’t a simple yes or no. “It’s complicated,” he hinted. Verstappen? A legend in the making in the Formula 1 world, no doubt. He’s made his mark, and Red Bull is pretty much his turf now. Norris pointed out, “Stepping into that arena, even for a past version of Max, would be a Herculean task.” It’s not about fear, he clarified. Facing off against anyone doesn’t faze him.

**Norris: “Any driver would say ‘no’ to that”**

But here’s the kicker, according to Norris. It’s not just about bravery. It’s about whether you can truly challenge your teammate right out of the gate. And feeling at ease in those shoes. “That’s a hard no from any driver,” he admitted. Rushing to go head-to-head with the world’s finest? Maybe not the wisest strategy. Yet, Norris couldn’t hide his excitement about racing against Max. “Our past tussles were just the beginning. I’m all geared up for what’s next,” he shared, eyes twinkling with anticipation.

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